Warming cows milk?

I've just put Gabe on 1 cow's milk bottle a day and the other 2 are still follow on formula.

My question - how long do you warm the cows milk for - or do you still warm toddlers milk? I am warming it currently as I don't think Gabe would like cold milk (tried it ages ago and he hated it), he will take room temp but not cold from the fridge but I usually warm all his milk unless we're out & he has formula at room temp.

Also once he's on it fully, what do you do when you're out as I'd worry about it going off - I was thinking of just buying a few more cartons of follow on, or growing up milk?

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  • I just warm my older lo's milk in the microwave, although i know they say you shouldnt because of hot spots, but i just put it on for 30 sconds to take the chill of and make sure i shake it well, this has always worked for us xx
  • Hi ben is 19mths and still has a bedtime bottle of milk,i warm it up in the microwave till its just slightly warm,he enjoys it better like this.
    As for going out that has not been a prob because he only has bottles at night now and drinks juice or water during the day.
    I too would worry about taking cows milk out as i would think it would sour.
    Your best bet is probably to get cartons of follow on milk
  • I warm coles bedtime milk 9+ oz for about a min and a half on medium - mostly so it dissolves the gaviscom easily, plus its about half an hour before he drinks it as i take it up before his bath.

    given up warming his afternoon 4oz now cause he drinks it cold, but used to do it for about 30 secs on medium. What i used to do when taking his afternoon milk out was just take it cold and put it in the insulated bit of the change bag and it worked out ok that the worst of the cold had gone by the time he was ready for it, or when parents took him for the day they took it in a cool bag with an iceblock and got it warmed up in the cafe.

    If i was going somewhere i thought it'd be out of the fridge too long I'd probably take powder or a carton.

    As for the cold milk.. cole refused it at first but i figured if he'd happily drink my c hocolate milkshake cold hten he'd be fine with the normal milk and he has got used to it
  • I still warm Ollies morning an night bottles, 30 or 40 secs in the microwave (or if its 9oz then a minute or so) as he likes them to be warm, but for the rest of the day unless he's ill he get cold drinks, occasionally a bit of warm blackcurrant cordial... he'll drink it either way though.
    Going out - once he's fully on cows milk he'll be about 1 wont he? He shouldnt need more than 2 milk feeds by then - morning and night - so you wouldnt need to take any out with you, give him water or water with a bit of cordial, but if you want to give him milk as a daytime drink i'd say put it into a coolbag or insulated bag to help it keep its temp - wouldn't have milk out of the fridge more than 2 hours without... or use RM Formula.

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