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how is little skye doing?
as skye and dd were born at around the same gestation i was wondering how much she weighs and how much milk she is taking.

dd is now 8lb 9oz but is going off her milk, she was taking 4oz every 4-5 hours but it is now a complete struggle to get her to take 3oz. cant really compare her to other 10 week old babies.


  • Hi Karen!
    Skye is very well thanx, apart from a bit of reflux!
    How is she doing aside from the feeding?

    Skye takes around 4oz of formula every 3 hrs or so, but of late has taken to grazing, having 3oz, and then half an hour later having the rest. She seems to get too tired out to finish all of it in one go, slightly frustrating!

    She weighed in at 9lb 10oz a week ago, and seems to be steadily gaining about 8-10 oz per week. That said I want to switch her off the prem baby formula because I think she may be struggling to digest it, and so she is being sick. No idea how to switch to another milk, but hope the health visitors may give me some advice how to do this. I worry that if I switch her to normal infant milk that she may not keep up her weight gain on the 50 centile line anymore?

    She sounds a good weight for being 2 wks younger than Skye anyway. I am sure Skye was a similar weight at the same age!

    Let me know how you get on and if things improve!

    Iz & Skye x

  • looks like dd has some reflux too. tooke her to the doctor and he precribed some gaviscon in 4 feeds per day. she isnt sick with it often so its more silent reflux. gave her fer first dose and she was much more settled and slept for 4 hours. just gave her her vitamins so didnt give her the gaviscon and she is really unsettled and when she lays down flat starts to cry, so looks like the gaviscon makes a difference

    i have put her onto SMA white for one bottle a day at the midnight feed. she now goes 8 hours at night which is great.

    if you change the milk you could start either by giving her one bottle of different milk each day then 2 then 3 after a few days each. another way is to swap a scoop of prem milk with a normal scoop then swap 2 then 3 and so on if that makes sense.

    what has the doc said about syke's hips?
    what happened at her first appointment with the consultant after she was discharged? she has her first appointment in the childrens clinic next week.

  • Hadn't actually thought about adding one scoop per feed to her milk, doh!
    I've been doing this for the last 36 hrs and hope to slowly introduce it more over the next couple of wks, thanx for that!

    Skye's next appt for her hips is next Weds, so hopefully we shall have a clearer of where we're going with it by then Can't believe they didn't give you a view on her hips at her ultrasound, we were told there and then that one was good and one not so good and therefore needed a referral. Have you heard anything yet??

    Gaviscon gave Skye constipation, lovely! She looked in real pain when having a poo and it came out like a brick, poor thing! The doc said to stop giving it, but I'm scared of the sick coming back, so I have halved her dose for the mo. I hope you have more luck on it.

    How much sleep does she have during the day? I think Skye is maybe having too much and that's why she won't go down at night until about 11.30, mmm!

    Iz & Skye x

  • the lady doing the ultrasound said that everything looked normal with her hips but haved had a letter or heard anything official should find out on wednesday when we see the consultant.

    doc told me to give her the gaviscon for 4 feeds but the 2 that she didnt have it yesterday she was sick on so going to have to give it to her everytime.

    dd goes back to sleep after her 'breakfast' feed then i get her up about 10 for a bath (cant bath her at night as it really wakes her up). she tends to be awake then until her next bottle at about 12 then cat naps for the afternoon then has an hour or so after her next bottle at round 4. she then wakes up and wants to play when we want to eat!!!!! she has a bottle around 8 then is a pain in the bum when she goes to bed. give her a bottle as close to midnight as poss to try to get a few hours sleep on the trot. she is a very hungary baby and this often goes out he window like today she took nearly 4 oz at 10 but then wanted more at 12 which she took another 4 oz

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