tmi!!! whats goin on??!!

hi ladies and babies sorry this is tmi but i need some advice ....

me and oh got a bit frisky last sunday night and we bd'd for the 1st time since sophia was born ,,,,it was fine and didnt hurt but when we finshed we noticed quite alot of blood image ,i just thought we had done it too soon after id finished bleedin as i only stopped on the saturday :roll: ...anyway left it a week and last night as hard as i tried not to we got frisky AGAIN :roll: :lol: ...everything ok again then when i got up to feed sophia at 2am i was bleeding AGAIN!!! its (TMI !!) fresh red blood !! why is this happening im very confused as im not bleeding anymore and it doesnt hurt when we bd!

any advice appreciated xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Not sure other than maybe some of the blood vessels 'in there' are still a little fragile???
  • she is 5 weeks tomorrow image its flying by brain is also mush hun image midwife told me if i was still bleeding after she was 4 weeks old i should visit the doc as i might have an infection :roll: ...try getting an appt with the doctor THATS a different story :roll: :lol: thanks for ure replies xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey honey. Without sounding to rude and personal.......were you 'wet' enough? Sometimes if your not you can rip ever so slightly which makes you bleed. Also if it was quite hard then that can cause bleeding.

  • :lol: garfield its ok i think we are all quite used to having to be a bit personal all the questions we throw out on here felt ok at the time but now i think about it perhaps i have a little tear that hasnt quite healed right guess ill have to make him wait a bit longer :lol: xxxxxx
  • Poor OH!! Thank god for mouths hey :lol:

    Hope you get things back to normal soon.

  • EW!!! bleugh ..garfield no way :lol: ..dan can just suffer without any for a bit longer .....its quite fun making him wait anyway :lol: xxxxxx
  • Awwww nasty Lisa :lol:

    I try sex bans too, they never work, I always end up breaking them before Dave does :lol:

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