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Sippy cups

Hey ladies.
I think I should start giving Abby cooled boiled water, as she is mix fed and has been vomitting a lot lately (been to the GP who has given me some dioralyte - just in case she gets dehydrated, but I am hoping to pre-empt needing it!)

Anyway - she point blank refuses to drink water from her bottle, I think she associates the bottle with milk, and gets really disapointed when it only has water inside. Do you think I should try her with a sippy cup? She is only 10 weeks, so it seems a bit early - but I am not sure why?

Any ideas ladies?
Also if you think a sippy cup might work - can you recomend a good one for a 10 week old.



  • I'm not sure TBH, as the flow will probably be too much for her to cope with yet - is she still on size 1 teats?

    Rachel was the same with her water, although admittedly as she was a winter baby I wasn't too fussed. My HV told me to just persist with offering the water, and now she happily drinks water from either the bottle or the beaker.

    I know you can get 4m+ beakers - I use the TT free flow one which is from 4m, so I guess that would be one to try if you want to give it a go.

    Hannah xx
  • Could you cup feed her from a little medicine cup?

    In SCBU, my girls were cup fed like this when I wasn't there and they were awake. They weren't given bottles as I had planned to bfeed so were cup fed whenever they weren't tube fed. They were taking between 30 and 45ml from a cup from 4 weeks old onwards (minus 3 weeks corrected). It's quite tricky to get the flow right but I think it would be easier than a sippy cup as it's smaller for them to get their mouths round? xx
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