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I know I'm most probably worrying over nothing but here goes anyway......

A few people inc my hv, her assistant and even my sister have commented on how "strong-willed" Charlotte is. Hv has said I could have a handful in a couple of years time....hmmmm. I think she was joking but it's got me worried.

Yes, Charlotte can be very tempremental (sp?) at times - but what lo isn't....? She's started to have mini tantrums which can be a nightmare. Especially when changing her nappy and she's constantly thrashing around trying to escape my clutches. She's even bruised my arm by kicking me with her legs. She may only be 17lb 2oz's at 10 months but she is strong!

My sister said she reminds her of her oldest lo (now 3) who can be a bossy little madam and a little terror at times (then again - normal..?)

I've now got visions of picking her up from playgroup/school with a note or talking to from the teachers about how she's bullied other kids!! Silly I know but it's on my mind now.


  • Im always being told that harri is going to be a handfull when hes older. Like Charlotte is is very strog willed and hates being restrained or kept from doing exactly what he wants to do ( we too have trouble with the nappy and dressing him ) but i like that he is so strong willed and hes quite independant and loves playing with other kids, hes not shy at all, very outgoing and socialable. However charlotte turns out hun you will love her no matter what xxx
  • It's strange really cos with other lo's she is quite shy it's just when she's at home! My hv has insisted I take her to a baby group so she learns to socialise more.
    She also hates being strapped into anything but has calmed down with that recently.
  • Oh yes, harri hates being strapped into his high chair, hes not too bad with his buggy though.

    baby groups are fab as they learn that its ok not to be stuck to you all the time, harri doesnt even notice me at ours!! Hes straight in there with the bigger kids as they are all around 2 or 3 and he loves it!! Charlotte is about the same age as harri isnt she? harri is 10 .5 months xxx
  • I don't mean to shrug off your concern but I would bet from watching my older two that Charlotte turns out to be the sweetest most easy going two year old. My first daughter was so sweet at least in front of people, she behaved really well in public, but she hit about 20 months and became a holly terror... seriously she even threw my laptop down the stairs at me, and would scream over everything. My second daughter I was constantly told ohhhh better watch out she's too strong willed, but its not she's going to be three in January and we've had maybe two episodes of bad temper. SHe started havng mini tantrums at about 14 months and they just pettered out within a month or two. She just really is confident and knows what she wants, but she really is the easiest going person so long as she feels I am taking her seriousy image, she does hate being placated, but then don't we all. Good luck, you know your daughter if you are comfortable with her everything will work out fine, if your not don't stress too much, my first daughter has thankfully, grown out of/ been receptive to learning not to behave so ferociously when she doesn't get her own way.

  • Yeah Charlotte is 10 months today - about 3 weeks younger than Harri. Time's flying by!
  • Yep, dunno were time is going! Harri will be 1 in 6 weeks!! wish ide of known how quickly it goes!!
  • I have noticed (from going to groups etc) that baby girls are MUCH more strong willed and have more of a temper than the boys!!

    Gabe is so relaxed it's untrue. He didnt even cry at his injections. I was on a plane with him with loads of turbulence, I was petrified holdng on to him, he was just having fun kicking the seat in front!
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