do you think it's a good deal?

I had a letter through from one of the top photographers where I live offering to become part of their baby scheme. Basically I pay ??40 and for that I get 3 photo sessions between now and when Charlie is 12mths (they are normally ??45 per session), for that ??40 I get a small portfolio of my fave photo from each session and get special offers/discounts on frames, prints and albums in the future. There is no obligation to buy any other prints - although im sure they will be too nice to not get a couple. So what do you think? good deal or not? I've made an appt to go and have a look around the studio and discuss what will happen on the shoot (they request you do this before you have your first session which i also thought was quite good) xx


  • i know they are legit coz we looked into getting them for our wedding but they cost a bomb! lol! so i thought this offer seemed really good, i think it because up till now they have mainly focused on weddings and portraits and the baby thing is something new for their business so are trying to promote it.xx
  • I got something similar from a local photographer round where i live - i wanted to do it but hubby said no because there's no way we'd have been able to not spend any more money on extra prints/frames etc, and that's how they make their money! It is a good deal though if you have some restraint, unlike me! image x
  • Is the baby scheme called 'Cherubs'??? A photographer near us does them & I have got them with both Amy & Zara & they are fantastic value. There is no obligation to buy anymore prints but I always have & they have been really reasonable for such professional prints.

    Hilary x
  • I have booked these its costing ??20. The same photographers offer a free session called mummy and me which i had done but the photos cost ??25 for 8x10 picture. We did end up buying one but i wanted to buy about ten!!!

    Its a good deal but you need to be strong and only have the 3 photos unless you have lots of money and can afford loads!
  • We did the cherubs package with a fantastic photographer who took amazing pictures. Of course i ended up spending a lot of money which I don't regret. Unfortunately our photographer has just gone bankrupt weeks before Olivia's last cherub session so we have lost that session plus the portfolio we would have got at the end. It's such a shame and not his fault - sadly a sign of the times at the moment. What I would say to anyone is be prepared for this happening. The same happened with my first daughter and that was through Olan Mills so goes to show that it doesn't matter whether it's a big name or a small one. I'm sure you won't regret having the photo's done but I'd think about buying by credit card so that if they do go bust you stand half a chance of claiming your money back x
  • yes it is the cherubs package - ooh can't wait now!xx
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