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Just a quick question. I have the top tear of my wedding cake saved from 2 years ago and was planning to use it for my daughters christening in a c ouple of weeks. However according to the box (m+s cake) it went out of date soon after wedding. So what do people do? Am i better off just buying anew one? Also where did you get your cakes from? Thanks guys


  • Just thought I'd show mine off since I was so proud of it! lol! We have a cake maker in our family. If you don't think the cake is ok maybe you could just use it for decoration and photographs and then have another one to cut for people to eat? If ny any chance its ok once youve cut it then serve both? lol!

  • hi,

    I think if the cake is now out of date you best off buying a new one now. My little girl is getting christened next sunday & we've ordered her cake from m&s - its very pretty! they change the style of cakes every month (may's cake was better than June's!) but its still lovely!

    Hope that helps

    Sarah x
  • Nicx,

    that cake is gorgeous!!! they not as nearly as impressive at m&s!!
  • Wow what a beautiful cake Nicx & Lucas.
    I wouldn't serve the cake if it is out of date - if its a fruit cake then the cake will probably be ok but the marzipan and the icing might be a bit iffy... you could always take those off and re-ice it but its probably better to buy a new one ... we got our daughters cake from M & S. x
  • I remember my mum saying she saved her wedding cake for my christening - which was 2 years after her wedding!!!
    The fruit is o.k - its the marzipan and icing that has to be changed.
    Nick&Lucas - that cake is adorable. x
  • i think kerryg is right...its just the marzipan and icing that needs changing, the rest should be ok.
    my mum made my lo's cake which was lovely.
  • Nickx & Lucas - OMG that is the best cake I have ever seen!!!!
    Not getting our lo christened til next year but already thinking of what to do - also for her birthday too which isn't until Jan!
    Just can't help myself!
  • Hi
    I too require a cake and have recently been looking at the Marks and Spencers e catalogue which does all sorts of occassion cakes. They seem quite reasonable. I have tried searching the net but can't find anyone local that would make one and deliver for less than about 150!!
  • We have a gorgeous local cake shop that's really expensive but my mum's friend works there, so she's making us the cake for 1/3 of the price. Just need to book christening now lol
  • that cake is beautiful. i dont know if this is possible in your case without seeing the cake but i have just kept the decoration that went on top of our wedding cake and will just use that on top of a new one,
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