Amelia's 1st Birthday. (also posted in born in july09)

I am fuming, (sorry girls need a rant) its Amelia's 1st birthday today and my husbands parents havent even come to see their granchild how bad is that. Im not bothered that they didnt get her a gift but to not even come see her i think is disgraceful.

I know we could take her to see them but A) they didnt ask and b) i have had lots of visitors today and they only live 5 min car journey away.

Am i being silly to have the ump and fuming with them?

The thing that gets me is my neice is 4 in oct and they not missed a b'day yet, as a matter of fact they go over to see her all the time but never to me.

I wonder if there is a problem with me rather than her but why take it out on her if that is the case and just confront me and husband about it.

My husband had to pratically drag them to see us in hospital when she was born. They have 3 grandaughters now and she is treated so different compared to the other 2.

Sorry for the long message just needed to rant.

A very angry and confused Sarah.


  • I can sympathise a bit. We hardly ever see my in-laws, which after reading some of the posts on here I realise I am quite happy with. However when we do see them at family get togethers, about 2-3 times a year, and their other 2 grandchildren are there they get treated a lot differently to my 2. Now I realise that they see the other 2 a lot more often so will have a stronger bond, but imo the fact that they hardly ever see mine should mean that they should make more effort when they do see them?

    One time always sticks out in my mind was when we were out shopping with mil and sil and her kids and mil bought a toy for each of the other 2 and also paid for their school shoes. Sil is a single mum with not a lot of spare cash so I have no probs with her paying for school shoes but she could have at least have managed to get a cheap toy for my lo. (dd2 wasn't around yet then).

    My hubby is adopted and I always wonder if thats why she treats them differently. Dd1 is 5 and dd2 is 6 months so they haven't really picked up on it yet but i'm sure it won't be too long before dd1 does.
  • thank u ladies least its not only my inlaws,

    Well we now not even talking to his parents as he phoned them last night just to ask why and their reply was:
    Why should we come to you its her birthday if you want us to see her come here. Hubby is fuming but we shouldnt be suprised as they basically done same when she was born didnt want to know her.

    Feeling better about things to day thogh and realised its their problem they the ones that will miss out.

    Mummymog she had a fab birthday thank u. got spoilt rotten just like she should lol.

    Sarah. x
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