DVT (also in pregnancy and DIJuly)

Hi all - g/c form pregnancy hope you don't mind

Woke up this morning and my leg was really painful - thought it might be cramp or that I had slept funny. Then I noticed it was purple from my groin to my ankle which worried me a bit - gave it awhile incase baby was on a nerve or something then rang the hospital - maternity very helpfully told me to ring gp but knew i wouldn't get an appointment and leg was hurting more and starting to swell. So i went to A&E and it turns out I probably have DVT - a blood clot in the vein in my leg - I say probably as the blood test came back to show it was likely but have to wait til tomorrow for scan to confirm. They gave me an intial injection to thin my blood and if it is a clot I'll hve to have daily injections I think.

So was just wondering if any of you lovely ladies have experienced this or know anything about it - particularly how it might affect delivery as I am 38 weeks on Thursday?

Have posted in baby too in case anyone their has experienced it.

CJ 37 + 5


  • hi i was treated as having a blood clot but it turned out i didnt have one but was treated still as was high risk with breathjing problems and on crutches so pretty immobile.
    anyway i had to wear compression stockings 24 hours a day! als i had to inject myself with clexane once a day. i had to stop if i felt labour approaching as they like you to stop 24 hours before giving birth as risk of too much bleeding but dont worry they will tell you all this. i had sweep at 39 weeks and gave birth at 39+1 so cant give much advise on that part.
    with regards to injects, they go into tummy, loser skin is easier, the nearer the belly button the less it stings. i found under belly botton was good place but do left side then right side. you may get briuses from it-i was covered!
    you dpo get use to injecting but if you cant do it then let them know dont just not do it as its very important.
    are they going to try and induce you early?
  • Thanks for the reply - interesting to know that you didn't have a clot in the end.

    They never said anything about inducing early etc - its only since I have come home and looked into it that I see its quite common to induce so that you can stop the injections 24 hrs before. Am hoping the dvt specialists will tell me more when I go for scan tomorrow.
  • sorry i didnt explain very well in last post. it wasnt a dtv they thought i had but a clot in my lungs. i had loads of tests and unfortunatly the ones which give a definat answer i was unable to have with being pregnant. its obv different if you have your leg scaned when preg than having your chest scaned. I did have lung scans and stuff but only half of it. its really hard to explain but the gernal conculsion was to treat me as if i had a clot so that if there was one there it wasnt missed. I was having really bad breathing problems right up until i delivered.
    gernally they like you to get to at least 39 weeks before thinking of induction and they may offer you induction on due date. this is what i was offered but i asked for a sweep (or actually 3) in run up to inducation as i had heard having a couple of sweeps may help get you ready for inducaiton and make it more likely to work. so i had sweep at 39 weeks exaclty and well i didnt need any nmore as she came within 22 hours!
    i assume you are now consultant led care? my consultant was fantastic.
    dont google it tho- its only full of horror storys!

    oh one last thing, i assume you have compression stockings now? i had to wear mine for 6 weeks post birth too just so you are aware x
  • Think thats why I m so anxious as wasn't really told much - consultant wasn't mentioned or stockings or anything really. Just go home and we'll ring you in the morning - so just got to hope they explain it all fully today.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply - its good to have an idea of what to expect and also what questions to ask if I feel they aren't telling me much.

    CJ x
  • ok hope today goes ok for you. if you have anything you want to ask then please do.im here most days,lol.
    good luck with today and your scan x
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