Pushy Mothers?

Anyone do it/done it? What did you think? Is it worth going along for?

http://www.pushymothers.com (Link in case anyone doesn't know what i'm talking about!)

Ta girls x


  • I say go for it - we don't have anything like this near us but you'll get out, fresh air, a bit of exercise and get to meet other mums. if you hate it you'll have met people that you can then just invite to meet up for coffee - in the warm!
    I'd recomend waiting for it to get a bit warmer first!
  • I say go for it. Friends from antenatal group do it in their local park and say its great! Maybe like julesy says though wait till its warmer they did it in rain and snow-brrrr too cold for me!
  • I've done it! & I wouldn't worry about it being cold they make sure you work up a sweat! & little one is wrapped up warm and sleeps so well the night of the day of walking.. you all go for tea afterwards so good place to meet other mummys. She is really good to motivate you (you near me I think? so would suggest Hamstead health one!) She really knows about post preg bodies and works you inside out! My pelvic floor is great now and it was really weak after I had Charlie.. defo go again after i've had this baby, just have stopped going recently simply because I was worried about falling over being pregnant and had an operation on my toes.. but honestly will be doing it again after! x
  • Aw thanks girls.

    it_must_be_love i think you're getting me mixed up with Jamtart, i'm in Hampshire so not far from London but not that local. image

    I wasn't too worried about the wet/cold weather, if anything it's an excuse to get out of the house i hate being cooped up, and i thought it's a good activity to do and if it clashed with lo's nap times it doesn't matter he'll just sleep in the buggy, all mother and baby groups seem to be around when he wants to sleep so it's a nightmare.

    I thought it would be a bit of an easy ride, is it quite hard then? How do they work your pelvic floor?! Am i going to come across a group of women pulling funny strained expressions pretending to pick pencils up with their whoozits?! :lol:

  • Oh I wish I had on near me!!!! Sounds good, go for it! xx
  • :lol: EASY?? HAHAHA I Dare you to say that to your instructor!! :lol: Yeah I may well be getting you mixed up :lol: awful I blame my baby/pregnancy brain as i've actaully met JamTart! *slaps own wrist*
    More of a lift door closing and the lift rising - but it's good because you sort of train yourself during the week.. you catch your self in a mirror and pull your tummy in re-train it to where it's meant to live.. taught not all hanging out like all new mummies and she is very realistic about what she expects from you, but does work you bloody hard! You get a great reaction from passers by! 16 mummies doing funny dancing and rally racing :lol: My instrutor is the woman who set it up adn she couldn't be more like Davina Mc call if she tried! & I live how she talks about your bodies she has lovely termonodgy (sp) and you know exactly where she means like just under your bra on your back - she calls it your Angel wings :lol: *did I meantion i'm a child at heart* she waves and flirts with all the park rangers going by and some of them are lovely and give us girls gerogous grins passing by *real ego boost* you'll hurt after doing it, not the next day but the day after.. but it will get easier as your more able for it.. make sure you let your instructor know as you get used of it and she'll step it up a knotch - she always says get your pounds worth out of your pounds.. it's gone up in price recently, but you do get some discounts in some shops & I think it's very professionally run - so you get what you pay for! x
  • Double post x

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  • Your instructor sounds fab! I love people like that and get really motivated by them. I've taken the plunge and e-mailed the leader from my area, but i've not heard anything as yet - i'm feeling really motivated today and want to get out and give it a go after reading your post! i've been feeling really down about my figure and being cooped up all the time so i hope she gets back to me soon.

    OMG i never thought i'd get so excited about doing exercise... hahaha xx
  • thanks for the tip jamdonut, i emailed our local instructor and hopefully we will be goin on weds. xxx
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