how long....

..... did your baby blues last???


  • I cried from day 6, solidly for 3 weeks. It lifted after about the 6th or 7th week.
    You feeling down hon? xo
  • With my first it lasted around 3-4 weeks. I was constantly going over stuff about the birth and wishing things wer/happened a different way. It's totally normal. With my second I didn't have baby blue at all, I was the happiest I've ever been! It's different with ever birth. xox
  • Not too long. Mine came about 8 days after the birth and lasted a few days I think?
    I went on to develop PND with anxiety/OCD at 9 weeks Post he is nearly 10 months and I feel recovered xx *finger crossed* almost
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.

    seems like mine started about day 4 and is still going! Its only during the night i cry- my oh has said i've always had 'black nights'

    During the night i feel i cant cope, i get myself so worked up which makes my lo worse! I feel like i dont deserve him and he doesn't like me. I worry that i'm hurting him when i pick him up.

    I cant wait till my hormones get back to normal!
  • I think mine lasted about 4 weeks - and they were much worse at night when I was trying to feed her. I felt so useless ( had no contractions, no dilation, had to have emergency section and was struggling to breast feed!) and crap at being a mummy! When my hormones went back to normal, I realised I was actually a good mummy and my little one knew that!
    Chin up honey - it'll be better soon I'm sure!
  • ahh hun sophia is nearly 5 weeks old and my hormones are still raging ....i keep having a go at oh for the slightest things (i rang him at work this am and yelled at him cos id made my toast for brekkie and we had no butter left!!! :roll: )then i cried cos i thought he was now not goin to come home to me cos i keep having a go at him :\( ..i spend most evenings having a go at him for something or other and he really doesnt deserve it but at the time im doing it i feel like im right ...then i go to bed sobbing for doing it ....damn damn hormones xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Here here about the hormones, Im the same too, crying for all sorts of reasons. I was also the same a few weeks back when I couldn't settle Skye, but she seems bit more settled due to infacol. Now its because of dh.

    hope things get better for you. We are all here for each other.

  • Hi hun. I've not had them as such really, but do cry every so often for silly reasons. I should think that the behaviour of your in laws immediately after your labour, and the way they are being now is not helping you.

    It does take a while to adjust to everything. Just try to remember that you're not hurting your LO picking him up, and that things will get easier as he gets older. Riley had terrible colic, and the days and nights could feel very long, but it did pass and they get to an age where they smile and laugh and everything falls into place. I always feel worse at night too, as everything is quiet and you feel much more alone. I hope you feel better soon, you obviously care very much to even have thought about these things, and of course you deserve your little one after 9 months of building him from scratch, lol. I think it's also very normal to feel like they don't like you, but love between parent and child is unconditional and when you start getting smiles etc you will see it for yourself. xxx
  • I'm like yummy_mummy, first time round they lasted weeks. I had a shitty delivery and a unsettled baby that I didn't know what to do with. I had loads of help which almost made it worse as I felt like Millie liked everyone else better than me. Second time round I just didn't get the blues, I was a bit tearful for a day or two but they were happy tears and apart from that I was flying, I couldn't have been happier. It's different for everyone but I think that if you are still feeling down after 6 weeks then they pick it up at your postnatal check and monitor you.
  • I can honestly say I never had them either. I have heard so many people mentioning them and saying it will come eventually. Kara is over 17 months so I doubt I will get it now.
  • iv never had them and justin will be 7 in april, maya was 4 two weeks ago and charlie is 17+4 weeks old
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