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Christening gift ideas

Hi, friends of ours are christening their 2 boys and have asked my OH to be godfather so I want to get them a really nice gift.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received!
P.S. My OH has been made redundant and we are living on my maternity allowance at the moment, penniless doesn't quite cover it so something cheap or preferably home made!!


  • Do you have a nice photo of tour oh with boys, you can get really nice photo frames at reasonable cost. Would be a nice personal gift
  • MIss I, im sorry to hear of your OH job situation. Thats awful.

    Give me a shout for a chat!!

    Why dont you buy a nice frame and some paint and borrow the kids and do a feet picture, Do you sew? You could do an embroidered little cushion with their names and the date of their christening??

    Gemm x
  • We had Grace Christened on Sunday, and her godmother bought her this name print:-

    Perhaps you could do a homemade version, that would be lovely.

    Em xx
  • Oh dear to don't have much luck you 2 do you, expect for Felix of course, he hada not long had that job either had he. I am still waiting for it to come back but some old neigbours took picture at Luke's christening as I asked them 2, they put them on a disk which I have and bought a photo album, they are not that expensive, and said the albums for the photo's to go in that we took, they are very busy people so still waiting for the pictures and the album to come back, but thats a personnel touch.

  • Just wanted to say I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby losing his job x

    I'm afraid I'm quite lacking in inspiration for present ideas, which is a bit rubbish of me given that I think I know your friends (correct me if I'm wrong) so I really ought to be able to come up with something, I'll give it some more thought! The best I can think of at the moment is a nice book each to keep, a classic children's book (I know she likes nice books!), you could write a nice message in the front for each of them. I'm sure they will understand your situation at the moment though, and realise you really can't afford to spend much, it really is the thought that counts.
  • Hey, what about these plaques made by a BE mummy? Really cheap and personal, you can get baba's name, DOB or anything else put on. We bought them for our godparents and they loved them. Also bought a 'first masterpiece' one for us image!/pages/Amys-Personalised-Crafts/353983460029?ref=ts
  • I was also going to suggest Amy too, I have one for my little girls room and it is amazing.

    Sorry about hubbys job. xxxx
  • I am also a huge fan of Amy's - she's actually just launched her website:

    definately worth a look - she is really flexible and will make you pretty much anything you want - so reasonable and the quality is superb!!

  • Oooh I have seen Amy's plaques before, they are fab such a good idea thanks!! Sunflower a book is a good idea too, you are right she would really appreciate the thought not the cost and I know she loves reading with them!
    Fantastic advice as usual girls!
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