Have any of you had these annoying phone calls.....?

Hello all,

Have any of you had these really annoying phone calls...the phone rings and you pick it up, theres a pause and then a recorded voice sats....
1) have you reviewed your elect and gas bills recently
2) you've won a trip, ring this no
3) this call will cost you....
4) your compensation....

I had two yesterday, one last week and one just now. They are so annoying, I put the phone down almost instantly..I do hope Im not being charged for these bills. I pick up the phone thinking its something important only to find its this stupid recorded voice!

I was thinking of complaining, but Im not sure who to. Anyone else or they just picking on me!!


  • i havent had annoying calls, but i keep being bombarded with letters asking me to participate in government surveys!! the letters say that that i have been randomly selected to take part and its doin my head in!!! i've had 3 in the last month and i don't know how to stop them!!! then they send ppl round to ur house knocking on the door then i have to explain that i do not wish to participate, especially as i haven't been given an option to decline in the first instance!! sorry it's a bit o/t, and sorry 4 the rant!!! lol!!!
  • Hey Joey08 - have you tried registering with the Telephone Preference Service? It doesn't totally solve the problem but my nuisance calls dropped off dramatically after I did this (once you're registered it's illegal for anyone to be cold calling you. Some still do, but if you tell them you're registered with the TPS and will be reporting them they disappear sharpish).



  • Rachie - if you follow the link above you can also register for the Mail Preference Service (MPS) which may help with your problem. It's not as effective as the TPS because the Royal Mail have a legal requirement to deliver anything that's addressed directly to the occupants (even if it just says "to the occupant" rather than using your name) but it does cut down on junk mail a bit.
  • I was just about to post the same link for TPS!

    That said, we changed our phone number recently as it wasn't even our names they had!
  • i registered with theTPS and MPS 2 years ago sin e i had my LO in Feb i get loads of these calls and is driving me mad but all of mine are the recorded type so you can't tell them i'm with TPS!!!!
  • thanks for that ptb! will definately try it!!! just found it weird how i could be randomly selected 3 times in a month out of the however many million ppl in this country!! lol!!!
  • I get LOADS of those phone calls the recored type! it drives me nuts! lol I have no idea what to do about it and often just ignore the house phone completely now as I cant be bothered to get annoyed over it!
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