new carseat

Hi all

Put my lil munchkin in her carseat (the ones that usually come with prams) and she looked so scrunched up an uncomfortable so i'm thinking of getting her a new forward facing one now but was wondering if anyone could recommend a good one.

I know your suppose to be able to use these ones until their around one but i've got a lil chunky monkey and i just want some comfort for her and it looks the total opposite. image

What do you recommend for a next stage carseat?

Thank you

Lisa xxx


  • Just posted and not showing...grrr

    Anyway I highly recommend a Maxi Cosi Priori XP. They are normally about ??145 but in Mothercare now for ??115 (we got ours from there).
  • Thank you girlies. Will check that out.

    Lisa xxx
  • Our little one has just turned 9 months and doesn't fit in her 1st car seat any more. After reading a lot of reviews we bought the Maxi Cosi Priori and we're very pleased with it.
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