Green Poo

Hi ladies,

Lo is nearly 6 months and when I changed her nappy tonight her poo was quite a bottle green colour. Is this normal? Its not been this colour before.

Yesterday she ate butternut squash for lunch and banana with baby rice for tea and today she had sweet potato with cauliflower for lunch. Would these food combinations have caused it?

Thanks for any advice xx


  • Thanks for your reply.

    She is her usual happy self, doesnt seem poorly at all.

    Will give her some different veggies tomorrow to see if that stops it and will keep an eye on it

    Hope Gracie-Fayes colic doesnt last too long
  • Tommy is eating all sorts now but is teething too and his poo is NASTY and I think there are LOADS of different factors that make their poo different - especially more stinky lol
  • Weaning does all sorts to their poo - Gabe had a hipp organic carrot & potato dinner on holiday and it turned his poo bright orange! When he had broccoli the poo had green bits in it.

    Wonder why we can eat anything and it just comes out as boring old brown poo but babies surprise you every time! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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