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If babies are not supposed to eat things such as cheese and meat before 6 months, why do baby food jars for 4-6 months + contain things such as cheese and chicken ??? I make my babies food, however I picked up a jar t use on a day out whe I was feeling particularly lazy, and noticed things such as cottage pie and chicken dinner. I looked in the ignredients and they did contain meat.
Am I missing something here ?


  • I think it's because the guidelines for weaning are quite blurred, and about to change again apparently. Also, I guess the food in jars has been cooked to such a high heat to preserve it, so any bacteria/danger would be gone (and a lot of the flavour!). It is confusing though - and I understand why it makes some people ignore guidelines and trust their instinct.

  • Ahh I thought it may have been something to do with the way it was cooked but it just does seem a bit silly.Thank you
  • also look very carefully at the jar usually in some small small small print it will actually say not suitable until 7 months etc etc !!!!!!!!!! I was looking for finger foods for ds2 (6 months) and seen wee bread stick things that said 6 months largely on the front, then on reading the ingredients (is it just me that is obsessive about sugar and salt content lol) it said in small print further down do not give to under 12 months!!! WTF
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