Hungry baby milk?

Im a little confused about how to know if your lo would need to go on H.B milk. Is it if they are finishing their bottle and wanting more or just not satisfied for long???

Charlie has a 6oz bottle and tends to drink 5oz within about an hour he wants a top up of anything from 1oz - 3oz, he wants his feed every 3hours and even thats a struggle to get him to go that long. Also there is never any warning he wants his feed - when he wants it, he wants it NOW!!! Would HB milk make any difference?

He 13weeks and weighed 15lb,5 just over a week ago.x


  • You could give HB milk a go.... for lots of people it doesnt make them go longer etc but i found when I changed my lo over to HB milk he was happier.... he was still taking 6-8 oz's every 3 hours but he was so much more content in between. xx
  • Charlie was a lot happier on the hungry baby milk, he also stopped bringing up as much much as he did on the normal milk
  • I had to change Lucys milk cos she was taking 6oz bottles and still wanting more when they were done. And like you say when she wanted fed she just wouldn't wait but far more content on it & we've started weaining her now shes 18 weeks.
  • I agree I think Archie takes just as much milk and only manages 3, maybe 3 and half hrs between feeds where he used to manage 4hrs. But he is happier as he feels fuller. the way it works is normal milks turns kindof liek yogurt in lo's tummy and hungry milk goes like cottage cheese, kinda lumpy so they feel fuller for longer. that's also why it helps with reflux or regurgitation.
    With Archie it has made him a bit happier and has delayed weaning by a couple of weeks I think as he was probably reasy at 16wks but he's 18wks now and I might start at the weekend. S x
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