shall i take him back to dr ?


On Monday Tyler had a temp of 38.1 and doctor diagnosed a viral infection, bascially just keep him on calpol and keep an eye on him. Yesterday he had his 3rd lot of jabs and had a very restless sleep, today i've taken his temp again and its 37.8, i've just given him some more calpol which he threw up with loads of milk, so i gave him abit more he's now stripped down to his nappy. Shall i take him back to dr ?

sarah+tyler(16 weeks)


  • I'd leave him a few more hours to see if he gets any better or worse. As it stands I don't think the doc will do anything more and it'll probably just stress you both out trying to get there.
  • hi hun i would take him back and if you still not happy ring nhs helpline, if he is throwing up milk you can give him water, let us know how it goes. xx
  • Hope he's feeling better already but just a few bits of advice.

    A temp up to 38 is not really classed as a fever so doesn't 'need' treating with calpol etc. Of course if your baby is in pain or distressed there is no harm in giving it but don't feel you have to give it if there temp is only up a little bit. A low grade fever is actually a good thing and it is the body's way of fighting the infection.

    The current advice is not to strip your child down or give them cool baths/ sponging etc. The NICE guidelines now recommend cooling the environment... so turn heating off, open window slightly and leave the child sensibly dressed. This is because a babies ability to control their temperature is not yet fully developed and if exposed their body thinks they are cold, they will start to shiver and then this can actually make them hotter!

    Hopefully he's back to normal soon x
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