could i give 5 month old......

....homemade chicken soup? (Obv blended) Hes been weaned for a few weeks now and is on 2 meals a day. Im doing a chikcen soup, with veg ect but will be putting in a couple of stock cubes to thicken it. Do you think this will be to much salt for him. I wont be adding salt/pepper as its for my boys, not us, but even still, is it a bit much?

Elaine&Boys xx


  • I used to be very strict with giving Sophie salt or sugar in anything when she was that young. Now I let it loose a bit, shes 11 months though. I guess its just your personal choice hun. Sorry not much help at all. Oh maybe 1 thing , they do use stock cubes that contain salt in baby jars.
  • In the annabel Karmel book it does say not to use stock cubes whilst weaning as they contain to much salt could you not take los out before you add stock cubes and thicken his with the heinz baby stock packets they do?

  • thanx for ur replies ladies, I did think it was a bit too much, I'll get some baby stock cubes. Thankyou! xx
  • boots do some handy little baby organic stock cubes. you could still use your recipe for soup and just do 2 pots.
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