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Had turned over to watch Masterchef (after Easties!) and there was the end of a prog about the end of newspapers and magazines because of the internet and TV. Made me wonder if I'm the only one who reads too many mags a week! Did read Eve till they stop publishing in November.
Anyway I read Heat, Now, Closer, Look every week (if I have the money). Use to like Grazia but think Look does the same fashiony type stuff in a better way. Love More when I was a lot younger too oh and Just Seventeen when I was even younger (don't forget am gtting on a bit!)
Soooo what mags do you read every week/month if any? What would you reccomend?


  • I read Pick me up, Love it and Real People. Every week. I love all the 'stories' The front cover this week is I'm having a baby with my toy boys father!! I love trashy mags!! Reading them stories make me realise how normal my life is!

  • i love reading pick me up, closer, take a break and all those type mags- i spend loads of money on them!

    pick me up is probs my favourite!

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  • Know what you mean-I used to think I had big boobs till I read about a woman in Closer who had double ZZ size boobs??!!!! Just proof that mags are educational too!! x
  • ohh i read that story about toyboys father.... it was such false advertising!!!!
  • I LOVE magazines! I have subscriptions to InStyle and Delicious, and reguarly buy Vogue (god knows why - I can't afford anything in it) Sainsbury's magazine, Grazia, OK and occasionally Olive.
  • I quite like cooking mags at the moment too. Did but Jamie Olivers new mag but that wasn't what I'd expected and I wouldn't buy it again. Oh threw last weeks mags away before I'd read them during one of his cross 'this house is a tip' moods! Managed to rescue them and have a quick flick! Just realised I've got over 1000 posts-yay! Only took me 4 months! x
  • If I buy mags it's usually Closer...but don't often read them!

    I had started reading actual BOOKS again, lol, got out Captain Corelli's Mandolin from library (I've read it before but was years ago!) and was looking forward to it but havent touched it! Feel like my vocabulary has decreased since having Gabe....talking in baby talk half the time doesnt help!
  • Oh I buy Olive and I did buy Vogue just to read the Cheryl Cole interview and I'm not that interested in her to be honest but still coudn't resist!
    Tiger Lily I got lots of books for Crimbo but have only managed to start the Alan Carr auto still have Dear Fatty and the Paul O'Grady one. Also I love Mike Gayle and his new one about a to do list is still on the pile. Also reading Inkheart (now a movie with Brendon Fraser) which is a kids book but soooooo good! I will truly read anything-mind you I do it while I'm doing something else and that's not good! x
  • my fave is love it! i'm the same as garfield, love trashy real life stories. plus they are so so cheap!!

    Also like glamour and cosmo! X
  • Ooo I love mags but rarely get the time to read them these days! Used to subscibe to grazia and love heat for gossip and OK if someone decent is on the cover.
    I'm terrible for buying mags then not getting round to reading them all so they stack up in my mag rack lol.

  • I used to read mags all the time before lo was born as oh used to have the footy on tv constantly!! Now I usually read closer and love it. Im the same, love the trashy real life stories xx
  • i read
    pick me up
    take a break
    love it
    the list could go on, although i go through fazes of actual reading them so most times i end up buying them every week and then after 2-3 months i then read them all,
    This is only because im normally reading book so i go through fazes of ready book and then reading mags
  • I read cosmo, company and glamour. I also read a couple of baby mags now and again.

    Before lo came along and i had time to read the weekly mags i would buy OK, closer, heat, now, new and probably a couple more. I dont usually bother now although occasionally get closer. I went off Heat though cos it seems to be all pictures no story now
  • just cancelled my 14 year old subscription to cosmo and swapped it to She!! I get chat & TAB off my nan!
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