Night time nappy change!

Do u bother changing your lo at night time or dont u bother. Caleb wears pampers baby dry at night seem to be ok?


  • I'm the same, leave her unless she wakes up and has a poo! She's fine overnight and has also never had nappy rash.
  • Hi babe nice to see you on here again! I dont bother changing Tyler if hes just wet. I put a clean nappy on him just before he goes to bed. If your worried about him getting sore you could always put a barrier cream on him eg. zinc&castor oil or petrolium jelly(sp - vaseline) Im sure Caleb will let you know if he wants changing, otherwise you get your well deserved sleep hun. xx
  • i put pampers baby dry on JJ at night, he sleeps 8pm-7.30am and has never had nappy rash, his ickle bum is gorgeous image lol x
  • I change Lily when she goes up to bed but not if she wakes in the night. As soon as she wakes about 7am I change her then feed her.
  • with justin i did i would change him when ever he woke at night for a feed.
    but with maya and charlie i just changed them right before they went to bed and then first thing in the morning so long as they were clean, but i always put on a layer of barier cream x
  • We have to change Faye even if wet, she won't latch on otherwise. Although these last few nights when she has slept 12-8, she hasnt woke up for her nappy. Little madam really!! :lol:
  • I used to when Gabe was little cos he weed like mad and whenever I left him, the nappy leaked. Now he's on solids & has reduced his milk intake, he doesnt seem as wet so I leave him! He never gets nappy rash either
  • I have never changed Isaac at night (unless he poos) I find it disturbs him too much, he has never had a nappy rash so obviously hes ok with it.
  • i did when he was waking at night for a feed but once he started sleeping thro at about 8-9 weeks i stopped, had accidents with pampers so changed to huggies and haven't had any accidents and he is now almost 1!

  • same as tigerlily. i used to when he was smaller and feeding several times in the night. now i dont bother, he has pampers baby dry and they last from 6.30 pm after his bath until 7.30 am when he wakes up. unless he poos of course!
  • millie in huggies superdry at night i only change her if she poos which she sometimes does but not all the time, depends what time she wakes too! but if she does poo she wont wake to be changed! she will only wake to be fed cant bother her that much then! she has naver had nappy rash either and might i add has a very cute bum haha xx
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