arg just need to share

Sorry I just need to share...

Okay all three girls are sick, and are doing the stuffy nose vomit and runny well tmi, but every time I switch a light off or on it blows the fuse, and I have to downstairs and go outside to turn the fuse switch and its pouring rain.... I know no big deal, but just need to say to anybody... I'm so paranoid in my sleep deprived stupor I'll close the door and be locked out I've taped a key inside the shed where the fuse box is... since dh left I just don't have anybody to say the stupid stuff too... thank you for listening...

any advice on rewiring the house, or getting three sick children to SLEEP in the same room while being sick would be greatly appreciate...



  • Awww, I'm afraid I don't have anything constructive to say but just wanted to send hugs!
    Hope your girls are feeling better soon so that you can all get some sleep.
  • Thank you, sorry to moan


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  • Bless you hun x

    No advice i'm afraid, on the rewiring or your sick little girls. Hope they get better soon, and it stops raining till you get the electrics sorted x
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