Tips for taking a 13 month old on holiday abroad!

Hi all

We are going to spain in a couple of weeks and this is the first time that my ds has been abroad. He is currently on two bottles of cows milk per day and I am wondering about what we will do when we go abroad? Should I just buy spanish whole milk? I was thinking I could take Toddler 1+ formula but not sure if he'll drink it now cos formula is so much sweeter than cows milk. Plus we're only going for a week so doubt i'll use the rest when we get home. I also thought I could just take 14 cartons of ready made toddler milk but this will take up quite a bit of space/weight in the suitcase and could leak! Any tips?

Would also be grateful for any other tips for taking a lo abroad, i'm getting nervous and thinking this may be more stressful than just staying at home for a week!


  • Personally I would just get cows milk over there.
  • Hi, my ds is the same age & we're flying out to Spain tomorrow. This will be his second time out there. I'll just be buying cows milk out there but will take a ready made carton in my hand luggage for the journey.

    Don't be nervous about taking your lo out there. Anything you need will be available in the local supermarkets including nappies.

    Only tip I can think of is give your lo a dummy (if he has one) or a bottle on take off & landing for his ears.

    Have a lovely holiday, you'll be fine!! xx
  • Thanks for the replies. lo doesn't have a dummy so a bottle is a good idea. I think i'll take your advice then and get milk out there, will save of the luggage space!x
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