Cant remember!

Can you give oj before 6months? I dont want to use it as a drink, its just lo is bfed and since iv started on 3meals his poos are alot firmer, so wondered if i could put some into his homemade purees? Also are petit fois after 6months too....i know you have to avoid milk, cheese etc b4 6months but wasnt sure on these, thanx in advance image


  • I am sure that you can start giving lo oj as a drink as long as its diluted and can't see any harm putting it in his purees either. Also I am positive that petit fois are fine after six months too! xxx
  • hey hun,

    my hv advised me to use oj in water when lo was constipated, so i would have thought abit in food wont be bad.

    do you mean those little yogurts? if so yes you can they say on them from 4months plus. I have given my little one them since about 22 wks, and had no [problems what so ever

  • It's all confusing isn't it?!

    I think they say to avoid dairy before 6 months cos of allergies, but if there are none in your family petit filous should be ok. It's up to you really.

    Also OJ in food will be ok, as long as not much. The vitamin C will help him absorb the iron too. You could also offer him sips of water from a cup when feeding him solids.
  • Hi woomummy!

    Ive just done a weaning class and was told-no citrus until after 6months but i think a little diluted down with water would be fine to relieve constipation, it's not the same as eating an orange or something!

    No dairy until after 6months, so that includes yoghurt,i think petit filous are quite high in sugar so i'm going to avoid then for a few more months yet
  • Hi,

    I've the exact same reponse as Bumbelina image

    HV advised a bit of OJ diluted with warm water for constipation & we started weaning at the same time as Bumbelina too and Niamh has been fine with petite Filous.


  • Thanx for your replies think with 3 children under my belt something would of stuck!

    I will def go ahead with the OJ...i always thought the PF where the best ones to give them....anyone use anything else? x
  • We did try little Stars but Niamh really didn't like them, so we've stuck to PF... plus I like them too :lol:

  • shhhh but PF are my fav too Linz, we have to have a pot each on the go!

  • Orange Juice is usually from 6 months but it is ok to water it down a bit as it is good for constipation. Yes PF after 6 months they say but from memory I think I gave them to Kara from before that and had no problems. To be honest there isn't as much sugar in PF as you would think. Kara is diabetic and I have to look at every food and the sugars. If you look at the carbohydrate content of which sugars as far as I can remember there is less in PF than Ltttle Stars. To be honest though I haven't looked at the other ingredients. Kara loves PF and she also loves any fromage frais. I usually buy the Disney Tesco ones or Munch Bunch. I have to stick with the Fromage Frais as large yogurt has too much sugar in it so she would only be able to have a half one anyway so its pointless.
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