I Give Up... I'm obviously doing something wrong!!

I'm having such a hard time with Niamh atm, we had a really good first 6 months with 12 hour sleeps and a really happy little one but for the past few weeks she's been really difficult, she wont go to bed (she just screams and screams until she falls asleep, sometimes till 10pm!) she's been waking between 3am - 5am for 1 -2 hours at a time, she wont nap in the day (again she just screams with tiredness) & I really dont know what to do with her anymore.

She is teething and i have tried Calpol, Nurofen, Ashton & Parsons powder, Calgel, Dentinox, Bonjela, teething rings, bicciepegs..... you get the point but I'm sure it can't just be because of this?? I think I'm letting it get to me a bit more because I have her on my own so much.

Anyone got any magic remedies i can try before I go insane??


  • sorry, just at once... I should have made that clear lol!!

    She is just ovr 6 months. I dont know what it can be?
  • Is she fully weaned? She could be hungry?

    I would say it's teething though. Some lo's really suffer with it, way before any teeth actually come thru.

    I don't think there are any magic remedies (sorry). Just try and stay calm with her and hopefully this stage will pass soon. xx
  • i've sent you a msg on FB huni
  • When Oscar's teething we give him everything he can take at once lol. He has calpol at say 8, 12, 4 and 8 and calprofen at 10, 2 and 6. Painkillers work better if they're taken before the pain starts. He also has teething gel every time he gets medicine and teething powders every few hours too. He doesn't ever really get bad so I've haven't had to do it too often, but I know I'm lucky.

    When Oscar gets to the stage where he's so over tired he can't sleep I will cuddle him to sleep. He always sleeps better and settles quicker in my arms and it's never affected him once he's better. It's quite nice to sit and be peaceful with him as I'm very aware he's not my little baby any more.

    Also if you think she's waking up in pain then have you considered syringing some medicine at around 2am (set a vibrating alarm on your phone if you can) to try and stop her waking.

    Just ideas anyway xx
  • Thanks everyone image

    ccb - yep she's fully weaned,she as three meal a day no problem and about 20 oz of milk so I don't think she's hungry.

    I guess I just have to keep trying!!


    Gem - just going to read ur FB msg now xx
  • awww poor u (and niamh) i dont know what to suggest ,sophia was a happy content baby for about 4 months sleeping fab and everything but now she wakes about twice a night more sometimes ,i thought teething at first but im not so convinced and its easy to pick up bad habits with them (last night i got her to sleep in my bed just so i could go to bed :roll: ) hope your ok xxxx
  • Is there any way you can get her to nap during the day? It's just i'm convinced that babies who don't nap properly during the day sleep worse at night - they are overtired and restless. Do what you can to get her to sleep during the day and see if it improves the nighttimes. Will she sleep in her buggy? If so put her in her buggy and go for a long walk, or if she'll sleep in the car put her in the car and go for a drive. The peace will do you good, and i'm sure if she sleeps better during the day she'll sleep better at night. x
  • I just want to say your not on your own. My lo is coming up to 6 months and now spends a lot of time screaming, a painful type of scream whilst ramming everything she can in her mouth. night times are worse (whether its just becuase I'm tired). I give calpol to settle her, its horrible to see them in pain isn't it. My lo gets worse when she is over tired. Saturday was a particluarly bad night so sunday we stayed in all day and snoozed on the sofa together, she does seem a little better now she caught up with her sleep.
    Hope things get better soon
  • Thanks for the replies

    She does nap in the day, she just screams first for about 45 mins till hse wears herself (I didnt make this very clear) she probably has about 2 or 3 30-40 min naps, she's always done this, she's never gone any longer during the day.

    I've got everything crossed tonight coz she fell asleep with no fuss at her 'usual' bedtime of 6:45 and so far so good!! we've got a Doc app tomorrow to rule out anything else.


  • I really dont know what to suggest hun. I think your doing everything you can and you just have to wait for her to get over it. It may not even be teething - she may just be going through a funny stage. Bethany has always gone to bed around 7.30pm then for about a week i struggled to get her to bed by 9pm! she would cry and moan and was wide awake and i thought it was the end of her happily going to bed but touch wood the last few nights shes back on track. I dont know what causes these stages, could be teething and also i was told when they go through a growth spurt they can be unsettled .... strangely enough i have noticed Bethany has defo grown in the past 2wks and is taller and her socks are all of a sudden too small so maybe it is true. Hopefully she'll soon be the happy little girl you are used to.

    Anna & Beth xx
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