Fitness DVD to beat the baby belly!

Well the title says it all!

Can anyone recommend a good dvd thats not on for too long and will help me tone up my legs, bum and baby jelly belly!

I go on holidat in 6 weeks and need to tone up and fast!!!!



Newlook and Lily 6 1/2 months


  • Hi
    I've got the Davina Pre and Post natal workout DVD. I've actually only done the post natal one once but mainly because I've been walking instead but I do keep meaning to do it again.
    It's probably about 45 mins long I think but I'd say it's reasonably easy going but is obviously for women who've just had babies. If you feel that you could take something a bit more "hardcore" then I'd say to try any of Davina's other DVD's. She's got one that's got 3 30 minute workouts which is pretty good as its got pump, cardio box or core stability (which is probably the best one for tummies).
    I've got quite a lot of workouts DVD's as I prefer to do these than go to the gym or anything so I would also recommend Charlie Brooks and Natalie Cassidy as well.
    Good luck! You're making me think I need to do these too, I'll perhaps do one now unless DD wakes up!
  • Hey newlook,

    I like the Pussycat Dolls one which I bought to try and help the baby belly too!

    I do look like a prize eejit whilst doing it though and keep forgetting to close the blinds (oops)!

    Em xx
  • I recently bought the Hannah Waterman one which has 4x20 minute routines in it. Don't think that includes the warm up tho. Only just got it though so don't know how good it is yet. Did one of the work outs the other day and it does push you, but has a beginner and then more advanced going on at the same time. The reason I got it was because the routines aren't too long so can do them in LOs nap times x
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