Awful, Awful Few Days :cry:

well where do i start? as a few of you know from facebook my OH was rushed to hospital on Monday night after having severe sickness and then blacking out in the kitchen and hitting his head on the radiator, my mum had JJ and cleaned up the mess in our flat where OH hadn't made it to the toilet (sorry tmi) while i was at the hospital...after having another funny turn in hosp he was put on a drip and left to sleep while i went 1.30am i got a phonecall to say he was coming home!! anyway he's still been really poorly ever since and i've had to do everything for him (except taking him to the toilet) as well as looking after JJ - they've been kept in seperate rooms as much as poss to try and avoid JJ getting it....which bring me to tonight...

just before midnight JJ starts being violently sick and i phoned NHS direct for advice and they just phoned an ambulance and rushed us to hosp, he was choking and being sooo sick on the way...anyway, A&E were full so they sent us to out of hours where we sat there for an hour just waiting with JJ now bringing up bile and looking awful! finally got seen and he's got gastroenteritis (sp?) and can only have water or these sachets of powder to dissolve in water to put some fluids back into him (so far they've just come straight back up again)...he's sooo poorly and looks an awful colour, i just want everything back to normal :cry: ... OH and JJ are both asleep now, i won't be getting any sleep tonight cuz i'm sat here watching JJ incase he's sick in his sleep and chokes :\( i'm soooo tired and cold, just wish i could curl up in a corner somewhere and make this all go away :cry:


  • forgot to add that AF is 4 days late!! image
  • Oh hun, I hope things are getting better for you. I agree AF is probably due to stress. Could you get your mum to watch JJ for a bit as you really should get some sleep - the last thing you need is for you to get sick too.
  • oh jenny, i wish there was something i could do to help, why do i live so far away, oh my god i feel for you hun, I know whats its like to be in hosp with an lo, when david had meningitus i was in bits, petrified.. so I know how you must feel, oh I wish it would all go away for you. I think you should try get your Mum over to watch JJ, as he needs you to be alert and well! If he seems to worsen at all, make sure he gets seen by the hosp again, they shouldnt send a baby home like that xxx
  • Im sending you big hugs, i think sando is right you should try and get your mum (or ohs mum, sisters, anybody) to come and help you out. You need to rest so you dont catch it too.

    I hope both of them get better soon.
  • Aw babe that's awful. Sending cyber hugs. Try and have a nap just now while they are sleeping, honest he won't choke on his syick. My lo was really sicky as a newborn and midwifes and hv reassured me that so long as he was sleeping on his back he wouldn't choke. So far never even a wee cough never mind choke.
    As for being cold get yourself wrapped up, you don't want to be getting ill too.
    AF probably stress and body still adjusting as everyone says. Take care, Suz xx
  • It sounds awful hun, poor you. I really hope they start feeling better soon. Try to get some rest while you can and some help from others with housework etc.
    My eldest had this as a baby and it is awful, but its amazing how quickly they bounce back from it too.
    Hugs xxxx
  • thanks girls, i woke OH up at 7.30am to help me with a stinky nappy - it was everywhereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and i just didn't know where to start! so after that i had a little sleep til 10.30am...feel a little less stressed about it all now and i have red bull so all is good lol...JJ has managed to keep down 2oz of the rehydration stuff off the doctor and 4oz of very diluted formula, he seems well in himself, even when he was in hospital he was full of smiles for the doctors! i just hope the worst is all we need is for me to catch it!! x
  • Fingers crossed that's the worst over for you. I had no idea, wish there was something i could do to help, sending you lots of hugs xxx
  • Oh honey, so sorry to hear Sean and JJ are unwell. Hope you all get better soon, and fingers crossed you don't get it. You're having a bit of a rough time atm aren't you? {{hugs}} honey.

  • aww hun (((hugs)))im also totally oblivious to facebook and what u have been saying so sorry .....u poor thing and poor oh and jj ,bugs are awful and poor baby's cannot deal with it ....have u got any family who could come and sit with them later on so u can get a little bit more sleep or i guess u risk gettin run down and increasing ure risk of getting it ...?

    sending lots of hugs to u all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • oh babe you poor thing! I hope, like you said, you're over the worst of it and your oh and JJ get better really, really soon. Hope you manage to get some support too so you get a bit of a rest. Sending you hugs babe x
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