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I hope this doesn't cause a massive debate as this is absolutely not my intention, but at what age does your baby start to wear shoes? My LO is 7 months so not quite at the cruising stage yet, but loves standing and he often stands on his tiptoes. I mentioned this to my mother who said that putting shoes on him will 'correct' this and that's what they used to do back in her day. So I googled it and have found conflicting advice on when to put shoes on your baby. Some sources say that barefoot is best and others say that shoes help a baby's foot develop well.



  • I don't think it really matters my neice & nephew didn't wear shoes until they were walking. One walks really well the other walks on their tiptoes. Sorry if that's confused u more.

    Jayne xx
  • Clarks refused to sell me any shoes for DD1 until she was walking. I just went with their advice. She was crusing at the time but they said there was just no need for shoes before she was walking.

    We finally bought some when she was a year old and toddling around for herself.

  • i dind't put my ds in any shoes until he was walking confidently enough to walk outside (which in his case was 13months) u could get soem cruiser or crawling shoes,but they're soft bottomed anyway so he would still be able to tip toe in them, proper hard bottomed first shoes shouldn't be used until they're actually walking well when cruisers are no longer supportive enough (pain in the bum as ds is only a 3.5 and only clarks do a 3.5, and they only have 3 styles in proper shoes, all heavy clumpy trainers). if ur worried about ur lo standing on tip toes speak to ur hv, but i'm pretty sure they don't mind about it until they're 18months-2yrs when tip toes can become a problem as it shortens the ligaments (or somehting) in a certain part of their leg so making it harder to stand flat, but like i say, that isn't seen as an issue til they're older.

    hth x
  • we bought him his first pair of clarks shoes last week as he is standing and starting to cruise, as he is only starting they are slightly roomy. he is six and a half months and we had no problems getting him measured, they even took his pic and put it on a 'my first shoes' card x
  • We bought my son shoes when he started cruising but only because he was slipping in his socks and it was too cold to go barefoot, if it had been during the summer months I would have waited until he was walking confidently x
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