I need some help about childcare.........

I am returning back to work in October and have been trying to find a childminder for my lo. He will be 9 mths when I return.

I have used childminders for my eldest son but I have forgotten about them for for babies. Is it normal for the babies not to sleep in a cot/travel cot? I got told he will sleep in a buggy and I am not happy about this. He won't sleep in a buggy for any length of time. Am I just being fussy?

Also as I am only planning on using her for 2 days, she is charging me DOUBLE!! Is this common practice?

Holidays - there is only 2 weeks of the year that she gets paid half and the rest of the time she is still to be paid FULL rate regardless if we are using her or not. Childminders I have had in the past have been half rate for holidays. Maybe I have just been lucky before


  • Childminders are self employed, so she's is well within her rights to charge what she likes and when - it's up to you whether you want to pay it or not.
    That said, I don't charge at all for my holidays, 4 weeks, but do charge full price for when the kids are on holiday or off sick, I feel this is fair. I'm not sure why she would be charging you double for your 2 days, but I would ask her about it if you're reluctant to pay or find a different childminder.

    If you aren't happy with your child's sleeping arrangements, could you provide her with a travel cot? My kids can't sleep in an actual cot because they're not allowed upstairs except to use the bathroom - the insurance doesn't cover it. I do have a travel cot though.

    The way I operate, I would want my parents to talk to me about any problems they have with the way I do things, if their requests are reasonable, then I'm more than happy to accommodate them, if it's not something we can agree on then they are better off finding a different childminder.

    That any help?
  • Thought I would just add my logic for charging for the kids holidays: when I am on holiday I am not available, so I don't think it's right to charge for a service that isn't available. However, if the kids are on holiday, I am available for business, and can't fill the space for the sake of 1 or 2 weeks, so why should I go without pay? I'm saving a space for the child that is on holiday or off sick. That make sense?
    I think this is common practice for childminders and nurseries.
  • Thanks Mrs C.

    I did tell her that I am not happy with him sleeping in a buggy. She has a travel cot but doesn't want to use it as she thinks its a pain to have to put it up and down all the time?!

    I am aware that they can charge what they want, I found it odd that she wants to charge me more because I am not using her full-time. I have never came across this before & wondered if it's standard practice?

    I have used childminders for years so I was shocked when she gave me the contract. Which I am not signing! Don't think she's the one for me.
  • That logic totally makes sense with me. I would be happy with that!

    Good to get a childminders view on it. Thanks very much, its appreciated
  • Don't think that's standard practice, I've never heard of that before. I would certainly only charge for 2 days if that's all you were using.
    I think that's quite bad that she won't let your lo sleep in a travel cot because it's a hassle, hopefully you'll be able to find someone else that you'll be happier with. It's such a big thing leaving your kids with someone else, you need to be 100% happy with the arrangement!
    Good luck!
  • I use a childminder and she asked me where lo likes to sleep. As it happens she likes to sleep on a little bean bag which childmninder has so i dont have any problems with that.

    As for holidays i pay her when im on holiday but i dont pay her when shes on holiday. Never heard of anyone charging double for part time. Thats not really fair as she could take on another child when he is not there.

    I think you need to keep looking! I think I saw/spoke to about 6 before i found the one for us.
  • Our childminder doesn't charge when she's on holiday (about 6 weeks a year) but charges full-time when we're on holiday. However my sil's childminder charges half-time for all hols whether it's hers or theirs - so there doesn't seem to be a standard practice. We're only using ours for 2 days a week and that's all we're having to pay.

    I think it's quite shocking that she doesnt want to use a travel cot because of the hassle - how lazy can you get! I would definitely say shop around because you won't fully relax if you are worrying about your lo

    good luck!

    Em x
  • Thank you girlies for taking time to reply! I think my instincts were right. You have reassured me

  • quote imageersonally we use a nursery but this has reminded me why i do!!! i can't believe that they can charge what they want when they want etc and then still be lazy about putting up a travel cot!!

    couldnt have said it better myself ...i think u need to keep looking ,...or live by me and ill look after him image xxxx
  • Of course we should be able to charge what we want - just like any other business/self employed person would! Obviously though, if we over- charge, then we won't get any customers. Just the way it works, like every business,.
    Totally agree about the travel cot though. In any profession there are always those who give everyone else a bad name, most childminders do a very good job, if not they won't last very long!
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