Fleece cotbed sheets?

Hi ladies,

I've recently been putting a large fleece blanket on LO's cotbed, laying him on it and folding the bottom over so it acts as a blanket. Been doing this for naps and he seems to sleep longer, maybe due to him liking the cosiness feel of it and being able to rub his face against it and snuggle into it.

LO uses a sleeping bag for nightime but wondered if fleecy cotbed sheets exist out there? Don't really want to use the fleece blanket at night as he sometimes ends up doing a 180 degree turn and don't want to risk him suffocating.

My DH suggested using the fleece blanket as a sheet and tucking it under the mattress. It's quite a thick pile, would there be any risk to doing this? With winter approaching, I want my little man to be as comfortable as possible!

thank you for any suggestions xxxx
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