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fao any baby led weaners

hi lola-mae is 7.5 months and feeds herself after not being too impressed with purees does anyone who lets the lo feed themselves worry they arnt getting enough in their mouth she now refuses the spoon if i feed her but seems to get lots of food under her bum in the bumbo or on the floor in the highchair any tips would be great the good thing is she likes every thing but does she eat enough
claire and lola-mae xx


  • Try not to worry too much. Peter didn't seem to eat very much for ages. As you say, most of it seemed to end up on the floor or the high chair or me or... Anyway, you get the picture. Then, about a week ago, he suddenly started eating as if there was no tomorrow. Since we have been in the States he has had a full-sized adult portion of cream of wheat with a fruit pur????e for breakfast every day and today he had a full baby bowl of vegetable soup plus and egg for lunch! image He is more active now (commando crawling and getting ready to start pulling himself up, I think), so clearly needs the energy.

    As far as his weight is concerned, he did stop putting on as much weight as quickly - 6 oz. in four weeks where before he would put that on in a week - but he has always been a big boy and so has just gone from being chubby to being long and lean(er). Babies fed using BLW can drop a couple of centiles in the first few months but it is not supposed to be a problem as their main source of nutrition should still be milk anyway at this point.

    I'd say if Lola-mae is happy and seems content, just let her go with it. Once she works out that food fills her up, she'll eat! image
  • hi pippa's nearly 9 months and blw, at first she hardly ate anything but because she still drank loads of milk i wasn't too worried. This last couple of weeks though she has eaten loads, nobody who sees her eat can believe such a little baby (she 19lb now so not tiny) can eat so much, for breakfast this morning she's eaten a full tea cake, she'll have a sandwich made from one slice of bread for lunch, with some salad, bits of cheese anything we think she'll fancy and for tea, well last night we had chill and she ate loads, as long as lola-mae is happy i wouldn't worry she will just get it, and then you'll wonder why you ever worried
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