Baby Cot Bumper...?

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone is using a cot bumper..? We have just moved Harry into a cot (tonight) and its so uncosy looking, he is so small in such a Huge bed..! We have a bumper but I haven't put it onto the cot as I was worried about him snuggling into it and not being able to breath...

What are you all doing to make these huge beds a little more cosy for a little boy.... !

A xx


  • Hello there sweetie, how are you doing, how's your gorgeous little Haricot getting along?! Hope you are feeling ok and not too blimmin exhausted, it's hard enough without ME, so I do hope you're coping ok. I am using a bumper with Fred but we didn't move him into his cot until he was 4.5 months, he can roll all over the place now! I also have rolled up towels under his fitted sheet around the edge to make a cosy lip. When we were in hosp briefly, they made an egg shape in a similar way with rolled up towels under the sheet and this made a lovely snug little nest in the middle of the cot. If you're worried I read about these recently

    Hope that helps a bit, sending lots of love to you both and hoping for some pics soon!

  • I use the bumper but I got slightly confused by it becauuuuse *gets on soap box* it goes at the top of the cot right? And it only about say 50cm long down each side..maybe a bit it doesn't go all the way round...but were supposed to put baby feet to base! Also, if you look on the boxes, they tell you to remove when baby can sit unaided but that's really the time when you can put them in the middle of the cot and when they roll around and I thought that was the POINT of a Bumper...hence the name bumper!!!!

    So what I do is put grant feet against the top of the cot and the bumper protects him that I'm faced with the fact that he's longer than the flippin bumper! And because he lies horizontally (don't ask) his wee hand has sometimes ventured out the slats of the cot. Do I turn him round? I'm too bloody frightened to incase he wriggles under the blankets!

    Aaargh minefield much?
  • Oh I also put teddies in the half of the cothes nowhere near yet so it brings the size down. My lo won't sleep in his pram or Moses basket anymore because he loves the freedom of the cot and likes to reaallly stretch out. Maybe you could leave him the forstfew nights and see what happens before you put anything around him? I love watching grant stretch out like a wee starfish he looks so comfy and free x
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