bathing and changing time

my 4 wks old screams to the point of almost going blue and not breathing when i bath him or chnage his vest, he doenst stop till a few mins after i have finished,what can i do?


  • Hiya,

    My lo did that to start off with whenever we tried to give him a bath and my mum suggested I give him half his feed then the bath, then the other half of the feed and it worked really well. I think he used to realise he was hungry and then cold and then nothing would make him feel better!

    Em x
  • i usually bath him after a feed although not straight after, maybe its too close to his next feed,mmmm i may trythat then,thanks
  • my LO was exactly the same when he was born, to the point my HV told me not to bath him as he refused feeds after a bath for hours! i didn't like this idea because he'd eventually HAVE to have a bath and then he'd still hate it, the only way i overcame this was bathing him every night at 7.30, tried him with a bottle at 8 and put him to bed, it was horrible to see him so upset every night but he eventually got used to it and had a routine, now he loves having a bath! it takes a while and a lot of patience but it DOES get easier, i promise lol! x
  • he ok in bath its when i take him out he screams nad starts shivering! im so quick and wrap him up but his chin trembles and he silent screams if you no what i mean
  • Some babies are like that, they just HATE being naked. I was apparently. He will grow out of it though. Give it a couple of months and he'll grow to love having a bath xox
  • This sounds obvious but is the bath too cold? I found when Gabe was newborn I did the bath lukewarm without realising as I was so scared of burning him. But I soon found out he liked it really, really warm so it was almost hot. Now he's older, he's not bothered about the temp.

    He also used to cry when I changed him but that had stopped by 2 weeks I think....they do just grow out of it!

  • jessica had a bath tonight. she loves it, when i git her out and wrapped her in a lovely waarm towel, she screamed!!!!!! trying to get a nappy and vest on a kicking like mad baby is difficult!!! suppose they will get better as they get older.
  • Awww, Riley used to do this! I made sure I fed him before his bath and snuggled him up afterwards. It was just a case of keeping going with it and baring with the screaming whilst drying him as quickly as possible. Having the nappy laid out so I could put him onto it and quickly do it up helped. xxx
  • Ruby now loves her bath but STILL screams when I take her out, dry her and get her dressed. She only stops when I have finished! She is 7 months old on Saturday. Sorry!!!

  • yeah carson ok in bath and i double checked temp with my mum as she hear and is fine, when you wash his hair and take him out he scarems and you actually dont hear a sound where is that pissed off! so i dry him and dress him quick as can, when you put vest over his head is the worst,i no im not hurting him but it breaks my heart him crying!
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