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I feel really guilty for posting this and asking for advice but i'm hoping someone can give me a 'quick win' to solve my problem!

Our beautiful baby boy is 2 weeks old and is as good as gold......most of the time! He is breastfed on demand and feeds for around 20mins then has a nappy change and then another 20 mins. I wind him after each feed and don't always get a burp but will 90% of the time have milk come back up. He sleeps every 4 hours or so and hardly cries.

Sounds good up to now........only between 11 and 2am he has a 'high maintence' period, he is fed then winded and nappy changed as usual but then he won't stop crying and throws his head back and tenses up. We continue to feed/change/wind him for another 2 or 3 times but we find it really hard to get him to settle enough to swaddle and put in his basket.

Am i doing anything wrong? He is such a perfect baby all day and evening then is a little screamer until 2am.
Any suggestions?


  • sounds similar to my 10 day old. i have phoned mws and little angels many times over her spewig when she eats too much. they just say she is greedy and throwing back up what she doesnt need, or it could be wind if you are using nipple shields. the mw today said colic, as this affetcs the late evening / night feed. she said they need the exra warm milk in their tum to settle it. Esm???? is not distressed and had put oin 8oz since birth and nobody is concerned so we just try to wind her more and get ready for the spew.
  • Sounds like classic colic symptoms. Babies cry at the same time every day/night for 2 few hours, and are really hard to console. Try rubbing lo's tummy, or bending their legs up to their tummy, this can sometimes help to pass the trapped wind. You could also try, if you wished, infacol or Dentinox colic drop, gripe water can be used but only after 4 weeks of age. The winding position of on your shoulder might help as it stretches the legs out, apparently the chinese hold baby in the air for fifteen seconds I think, as their tried winding technique. My lo has had colic, although bottle fed so I hope I've helped. They do grow out of it, but that can seem such a long way away. xx mithical and James 10 weeks 5 days.
  • Hi, thank you for your replies.
    I hadn't thought of colic tbh but on searching it on the internet his symptons are spot on.

    Last night was better, we kept him awake abit more in the evening and then gave him a bath with Johnsons bedtime bath and then gave him a massage with the lavender lotion. I fed and winded him then swung him from side to side in my arms to calm him down. He was put in his moses at 12 fast asleep and woke only for feeds.

    Fingers crossed the massage and swinging soothe it.....after hearing it can last months i hope its just a glitch and not colic!

    Thanks for advice xx
  • That's great hun. xx
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