OH took connor to see his mum today

And he wouldnt let her hold him, kept crying til oh or his grandad took him!
Am i wrong after the way she treated him last week to feel smug? lol



  • Lol, i'm sure it's probably a little wrong but I felt very smug when hubbies mum got the same reaction. Hehehe, love it! xxx
  • I would have felt guilty but after the way she was last week i dont lame him for not wanting to be near her!
    Its nice too when they top crying as soon as theyre in mummy's arms isnt it?
  • It's lovely when they stop crying for us mummies!! Though Faye calms down for either of us really depending on which way the wind is blowing LOL, but my MIL always like to tell me she is a 'real daddys girl' :evil:
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