FAO Bedhead

Hope you've had a lovely Christmas and New year.

Just wondered a couple of things - that lovely carrier you made (and are gonna be making more of) what weight/age can you use it up to??

Did the lo's like the books you bought off me???

Hope all is well x


  • Hi hun, we had a lovely Christmas thanks.

    I am currently making another carrier for my mate for her birthday, it is the new improved version :lol: I have tried Millie in mine and it held her weight (about 13kg, 28lb) without any problems, although I did only carry her round the house! Most of the other ones I've seen say they can carry up to about 35lb and I can't see any reason why mine wouldn't, the weight bearing seams are all double stitched with really strong thread so they would probably take more weight than that tbh You can use the carrier on your back as well as your front so I think they would easily be ok up till 2 years and probably longer (Millie is 2 1/2 now).

    The littlies loved the books cheers, we read The hungry Donkey for the first time this evening and Millie thought it was ace!
  • Oh right that's great - defo let meknow when the carriers are up for grabs!!!

    Glad the books went down well!
  • Will do hun, should hopefully be in the next week or two, just waiting for my sore wrist to get better!
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