freezing baby food

Hi, my LO is 6 months in August and i was thinking about doing some puree for him over the next few weeks and putting it in the freezer, I will be working mid August so i thought it would save a bit of time. I will just do the usual pear/apple/sweet potato etc.

I just wondered how long i can store it in the freezer for as i will do it in ice cube trays and put into freezer bags. I should know but it is 3 years since my last ds was that age and then i would batch cook at the weekend but he would eat it within a week or 10 days.

thanks mummies

Gemm x


  • My HV told me 6 weeks in the freezer, although hubby, who is a chef, says food can be left for 3 months. I have never got this far as my boys are greedy piggies, and there's 2 of them! lol!
  • Good question Gemm as I have been thinking the same today to try and get prepared for weaning x
  • I agree with Gemmiebaby, it says in Annabel Karmel's book you should only freeze food for 6 weeks then discard.


  • I would say 3 months too. I think the official guidlines is to defrost in the fridge overnight, but I wouldn't have a problem just defrosting in the microwave if you need to. Obviously make sure it is heated through thoroughly. Have fun cooking up a storm.
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