can't get Charlie back off 2sleep...

so i am sat here at 5am watching repeats of neighbours and home & away - any1 know of effective ways of settling lo's back to sleep?


  • lol I do that every morning, its Tylers usual waking time - lil sod! I hope you managed to get some sleep and I hope Charlies ok xx
  • i dont know i think its a charlie thing this morning as my son charlie was the same x
  • lol - oh well, neighbours and home and away it is then.xx
  • What channel is neighbours on in the morning? Ive been up since 3.30 cos Frankie just would not go back to sleep. Ended up with ITV Nightscreen on cos it was either that or stargate. Sorry im no help either.

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  • What's this all about??? Can't believe I once watched itv nightscreen ha ha ha. It's also been a long time since I was up at 3.30.
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