Just wondering when everybody started weanin. Dd is nearly 16 weeks old and is showing signs of being ready.
Would you start now or wait longer?


  • I waited until 18 weeks and started on baby porridge - LO didn;t like baby rice. I think advie is to wait until at least 4 months - 17 weeks - so maybe try and hang off a while longer x
  • We weaned at 6months, hv advised us to start at 5 but lo wasn't interested , personally, I'd wait as long as possible but you know best xx
  • we started at 23weeks. personally i waited unitl my ds was showing all the signs of being ready. please do remember tho that at 16weeks babies do go througha growth spurt so altho they may seem hungrier and in need of food at that time quite often that isn't the case and lo is back to normal afer a week or two. current advice is to wait at least 17 weeks at the very minimum and preferably the nearer the 6months the better. xx
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