What do I do about rolling?!

Hey lovely ladies and babies!!!

Well, just as you feel you start to make a mini breakthrough with the sleep......!! My gorgeous DS has just learnt how to roll (finally!) and despite the very exctied and proud mummy moments, it is now turning into a nightmare!! What do you do at night? We've just had to be a very naughty Mummy and Daddy and let him go to sleep on Daddy as he just kept rolling over onto front and then getting upset and this was stopping him from sleeping. He was also sick twice on sheet (on third now!) as I it was squidging all his tea/milk as had a later tea tonight due to having longer afternoon nap than usual!!

So my question is, what do you do?!! Do you just leave them, or did you keep going in, flipping back over and patting a shhhing?!

Many thanks in advance!! xxxx


  • hi

    tyler does this and now i just leave him to it, we have a movement sensor so this is all the reassurance we need. he's much happier on his belly.

  • I leave lizzie. if she rolls onto her tummy she will normally stay there and resettle herself after couple of mins x
  • u can buy sleep positioners, but tbh i didn't with ds, i let him carry on rolling, it was only a couple of weeks before he learnt how to sort himself out, but for those first weeks i just would get up, lay him back on his back and feet to foot again. ever since then he's actually preferred to sleep on his tum, so he soon learnt to soothe himself back off xx
  • We just left. Tried sleep positioner, rolled up towels and tucking in VERY tightly with sheet but that reeeeally annoyed her and she eventually managed to roll anyway so was pointless. If we rolled her back she would roll onto front immediately! Took a couple of weeks for her to get used to tummy sleeping but now she does it all the time.

  • Dylan rolls over and likes to sleep on his side snuggled into his teddy or on his belly. The only time he's bothered by this is at 5am, when he shouts (actual yelling not crying :lolimage for mummy to come and roll him back over from his skydiver pose. The thing is the cheeky monkey can roll back himself he just really wants mummy to come in and do it!!
  • Thanks ladies, hopefully it won't be too long untill he works out he can roll back the other way, lol!!

  • I am also having this issue at the moment. Arthur is rolling on to his tummy and then crying to be rolled back over. He can roll back but because he gets his foot stuck between the bars he is unable to do so.

    He does not like being on his tummy and as he is a very large baby he wheezes when on it so I worry.

    Perhaps I will invest in a new monitor!

  • Hey Artysmammy, it is really stressful to know what to do for the best!! Charlie is a big boy too 22lb 7oz when weighed on tues at 7.5 months, so think he struggles to flip his bulk back over, lol!!!

    I'm sure they will all get there in the end, but in the interim time it's a bit of a nightmare!!! xxxxx
  • Hi Rach,

    How are you and that gorgeous boy of yours? Ollie used to be able to only roll one way and I was contantly having to flip him back over when he wanted to move about in his cot. I tried putting the rolled up towels down the side of him to stop him rolling in the first place and Oh My God... that was more of a nightmare than the getting stuck! Man alive did he scream at being trapped?!!

    He can now flip both ways but sleeps on his tummy, even if I do try and roll him onto his back, within 2 minutes he's back on his front and sleeping soundly!!

    I can't believe Charlie is 22lbs... he hides it well in photos ha ha!! xxx
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