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Im currently on maternity leave, and due to go back October. However my plan is not to return to work and go back to college in September.. what kind of notice do i need to give my employee? I have read 8 weeks and 12 weeks so im not sure which it is?

Also i have read i do not need to pay back SMP.. i do not get any extra and in my contract it doesnt say i must pay it back, i just get the basic rate, is this true?

Thanks in advance for any help, previous experiences would be fab!
Jade xx


  • Yeah that's right, you don't need to pay statutory because the gov pay your work that for you.

    I don't know what kinda notice you need but remember you accrue holidays when on mat so make sure you get paid them cause you're entitled by law x
  • It depends on what your contract says. I didn't go back to work after mat leave ended - my contract said 1 months notice, so that's what I gave. I also mentioned in the resignation letter that I looked forward to receiving my wages in respect of accrued annual leave.

    good luck with college xxxx
  • I have to give 8weeks notice to change my return to work date, but if I'm resigning it's my normal notice period of 3 months still x
  • Thanks girls i will get out my contract.. if it doesnt say would you recommend that i just give 12 weeks notice to be safe?

    Jade x
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