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Making own yoghurt anyone??

I'm sure someone mentioned it on here the other week! Thought I might give it a go.

Do I just buy the plain natural yoghurt and then add my own fruits? Would this be ok for Lily? She's 16 months.



  • I don't know if it was me who mentioned it but I mix full-fat Greek yoghurt with fruit purees for Peter. He loves them! Today's was blackberry and apple but I have used apple, peach, plum, basically anything that can be stewed and/or pureed. It makes the purees go further and gets some more calcium into him. It is also a lot cheaper than buying ready-made yoghurts and I have some control over the amount of sugar that goes in. (Peter is nearly 8 months, by the way, and I've been doing this since he was six months old.)
  • Thanks! I now know what I'll be doing tomorrow - making a visit to the supermarket and making fruit purees!

  • I need to get back into the habit, but I usually mek my yogurt from scratch. I thought you meant this when I read the title! I brought a yogurt maker from lakeland and its fab.
  • Thanks. I made her a raspberry one today and she loved it. I did wonder about getting a yoghurt maker, are they easy to use?
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