not sure what to do?

hi to all,me and my oh are thinking about having another baby,my dd is 21mnths now but i really dont no whether to go for it or not! i had to have a c section with dd coz she was breech and its just an awfull thought of having to go through that again it actualy make me feel ill,my oh wood love one straight away but then hes at work all day its me thats at home! im also 33 and oh 37 so time is not on our side,or do i just leave it and let dd be an only child??sorry to go on i just dont no what to


  • I think its something you have to think carefully about (obviously lol) Is it only the birth that is putting you off? What it an elective c section? I has an elective with Holly and for me it wasnt that bad (I know it differs from person to person) What was it about the c section you didn't like? You could try and have a natural delivery second time round? Sorry I havent been very helpful have I??
  • hiya yes helpfull coz its just nice to hear from someone!i didnt want a c section but had to coz primrose was breech,i hated the epidural its put me off for life!everything went well so maybe im just a,then its all the starting again and sleepless nites when ive got my independance back,but like i said time is not on our sides! just dont no im being silly arnt i!xxx
  • Nooooo of course you arent being silly, its a life changing decision!! You deffo need to decide if its what you really want, we give up loads to be mummys (sleep, independence) but then we gain soo sooo much in other ways (first smiles, words, steps) Its such a personal thing deciding if you want more kids, I dont really know what else to add! sorry!!
  • thanx for that,i think were going to start ttc again after xmas,it took us 2years tc last time so hope its not quite that long!xxx
  • Awwww thats good!! Hope all goes well for you image I would love baby number 2 but we have to wait a while as we have just moved and oh started a new job and we are only gonna be here for a year or so. Im gutted though I really want another one NOW lol
  • hi,yes actually the more i think about it the more i want another,my best friend has just had twins,boy and girl little bot not doing to good tho,but i no when i see them im gunna be soooooo for listening hun love
  • Awwww I hope they are alright!!! Keep us updated on them, how big are they? xxx
  • well they were born on tues morn josheph was 4lb and annie grace was 5lb 2 so not to bad but joseph is still unable to breate on his own,it took my friends 6yrs of ttc and 3 ivf!! so they are much awaited new bundles of joy for so many of us that have helped and supported them!xxx
  • Awwww I have my fingers and toes crossed that everything is ok, I'll be thinking of them xxx Amy
  • thanks amy,will let you no how they go and keep you informed on the ttc situation!
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