Was your lo poorly after 1st jabs?

My little girl has her first injections tomorrow and would like to know if your lo experienced any side effects? Did you give calpol before injections as I have heard of people doing this? Just want to be prepared!



  • Hi

    Adam was fine. He cried for a minute but calmed down quickly after a cuddle! I gave him some calpol afterwards, but did it beforehand for the other jabs - give it about 10-15 mins before.

    Good luck!

  • I have heard mixed things about giving them calpol before, I have heard it can stop it being as effective. I wouldn't because you don't know if she will actually need it.

    My little man wasn't great with the first lot, he was very sleepy and sick quite a bit. The second lot he was fine and then grumpy with the third lot.

    Every baby is different, hope she is not too bad with them!!
  • As Miss Impatient said; every baby is different.
    Try not to worry yourself.
    I was completely dreading LO's first jabs, she screamed her head off when they got done, but then she was conked out in her pram until we got home, and then we gave her some calpol as she was being rather grumpy, and then she practically slept for the rest of the day, and then through the night too.

    Lots of luck. I'm sure you and LO will be fine.
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