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Hi All

Hoping to draw on your expertese apologies in advance as I think there was a similar post quite recently. DS2 is 20 weeks and is weaning, he is doing great and has porridge for brekkie, stewed fruit for lunch and then veggies for dinner. Until yesterday he was still havin breast feeds at 7am 9am, 11 am 12 pm 3pm 4pm 6 pm 7:30 pm and then one or two feeds through the night. He now seems to be dropping his 11am and 3 pm feeds before yesterday when put on he would literally only take a few sucks and that was it whereas at the other feedtimes he takes the full breast with the 730 feed both breasts are taken.

is he too young to be dropping these feeds, with ds1 I bottle fed so it was easy for me to see how much milk he was getting but as there is no wee valve on my nips I'm not that sure LOL

I am thinking that he should be ok but as all mummies are am just concerned!

thanks in advance for the help xx


  • it may be different for us as we FF but we have 3 milk feeds now that we are on 3 good meals a day, mid morning, mid afternoon and bedtime, before weaning we were feeding at 7,10, 1, 4 and 7 and he gradually dropped his 10 and 1 feed although since his intake of solids has increased i have had to make his first bottle a bit later as he wont take it after brekkie so we have diluted fresh orange juice with brekkie now, for FF babies they advise 20oz a day once fully weaned but i am not sure how many BF that would be x

    HTH a little x
  • Hey ya,

    Jacob has changed his milk feeds since weaning, he has a bottle 7-8oz at 6.30, 10am- 6oz 2pm-6oz 7pm7-8oz. And his 3 meals a day..7.30, 12pm, 4pm. He physically wont take milk with food though!

    He will drink when he is hungry/thirsty. At some point they will drop them anyway, I guess its just hard to know how much he is taking.
    Sorry not much help really! lol
  • We have been weaning for 2 weeks now and she has already dropped a bf. It is difficult though to know they are getting enough, she has gone from 5 down to 4 feeds. She has recently started waking earlier in the morning though and wanting a feed, 5.30 this morning, so I was thinking of re-introducing a df for a while. My lo is 26 weeks though so a bit older than your one. I would have thought that while he is having mainly fruit and veg then he probably still needs plenty of milk but when his diet starts to become more varied and includes more carbs then that will fill him up for longer and so he'll drink less milk. He is still having plenty of feeds though so dropping the 11 and 3 is probably fine.
  • cheers for the replies girls i tried to feed him any way at 3pm but he was like suck suck mmmmm i think i'll have a wee look around while mum has the boob out and then going back fir about 2 sucks almost the equivalent of sitting with a bag of crisps when watching the tv lol
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