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Riley was 26wks on tuesday so last night I gave him some fromage frais. He loved it but was sick an hour or so later and it smelt awful so I knew it was the fromage frais and not just his normal sick after milk. So I thought I'll try again today but just half a pot (they're only small things anyway), and the same happened again. I thought he'd be ok with it now with him being 26wks but obviously not should I just leave it for a few weeks and try again? x


  • Hi hun, just a thought but I have read that you should using babies corrected age for weaning I know Riley was prem so it could be just that his system just cant handle it just yet. The same thing happened when I gave Millie a fromais frais and the smell was awful so I waited for a around 2 weeks then tried her again and shes fine on them now but shes 30 weeks and shes been having them from about 26 weeks. She was 4 weeks early though.

  • My LO is 8 months and is dairy intolerant. Have you tried him with other dairy products? Apparantly it isn't uncommon before the age of 1 (if she's still intolerant after this she will be offered allergy testing, she's allergic to eggs (gets a hive type rash) and I have to avoid these all together for a while.).
    What I do (after discussion with hv) is to slowly increase the amount of dairy she has each week. I started off on 1 teaspoon of fromage frais, or just a dash of milk, or a tiny bit of cheese and now she is on about 2 teaspoons. If she is sick after I know I have given her too much and just wait a week or so before trying to increase again.
  • He did have raspberry the first night, then yesterday he had apricot and was still sick.
    I'll wait until he's 26wks corrected and try again as he's only just 22wks corrected.
    He was on nutramigen for a suspected milk intollerance, but I never thought it made any difference, and then he stopped drinking it so I switched to hipp organic and he drank it but has been sick more since being on it. I tried him back on the nutramigen last night and he drank it fine. Will probably stick with it for now and avoid dairy! x
  • hi definately sounds like a milk intolerance, especially if they put him on nutrimagen. if they've put him on nutrimagen i would assume that they should have told u to avoid cows milk products until he's one yr. austin is also milk intolerant and was first put on wysoy, which was fine but then developed an intolerance to that also, so they put him on nutrimagen but he got worse on that so back on wysoy and no dairy til he's 1. we can give him soya alternatives tho. he had his first soya yoghurt yesterday (only saw paediatrician for first time on wednesday!) and he wolfed it down, only problem is cos their not designed for kids they have bits of fruit in so i needed to pick those out as we went as they were choking size. so u could try him with soya yoghurts and soya cheese until he's one so that he's still getting that level of dairy even tho its not the real stuff it shuld still provide the same nutrients as cow's milk products. xx
  • Thanks siany will get some soya yoghurts and hopefully he will like them.
    Tbh the gp who put him on nutramigen didn't really know anything about it. I told him the symptoms and the name of the milk myself and he just looked in his book and said yes and prescribed it. The main thing that bothered me at the time was the amount of crying he was doing. Even when we was in there once he screamed the place down and the nutramigen never made that any better so I just thought it never made a difference. x
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