Any Army mums?

Just wondering if there are any army mums on here??


  • I am an army wife hun, there are a few on here. Are you in the army? What regiment?

    Amy xx
  • no OH is - he is in the Gren's based in central London - was just wondering if there was any others on here!
    Are you or hubby in?
  • Yeah my hubby is in the signals, we live in Germany xx
  • do you like it?? do you miss uk
  • my hubby is in the army,just finished training so early days but we realy miss him! just wanted 2 say hi xxx
  • I love it! We get to travel the world, meet new people and we have a change every few years!! Our house is 4 story and its so bloody cheap its unreal over there! We have our own house in the uk we rent to though to fall back on when he wants to come out.

    We come back to the uk quite often, I am here now till I pass my driving test! I am used to it now hun been away for a few years! Do you have an army house? x
  • well we have a flat in central london - its dirt cheap so cant complain!!!!! would love to go and live in different country - keep nudging hubby bout it lol!
    hey to hollysmum+bump lol!!
  • dnt know if u r asking me or louise and woowoo but thought id reply lol!! we dnt have an army house,he says we can move with him if we want but its a big decission,oldest dd is in school and we have a 9 mth old and i am pregnant with number 3 so dnt fancy moving around! image
  • it is a big decision as I moved to London and family a couple of hundred miles away!! and it gets hard some days but you just have to weigh up pros and cons
  • Hey to hollysmum and bump!! I was scared at first but its kind of nice not being so close to family, not in a bad way, just you appreciate them much more!!

    I agree louise and woowoo I have my bad days too as living in Germany can be bloody hard when you go shopping as I dont speak much German. Its great though as we live close to Holland and I love it there.

  • i think if id got just the 1 child or my oldest wasnt in school then i probably would as we really miss him,theres also the fact that im pregnant again and under a great consultant thats looked after me through my last 2 pregnancies i dnt think id wanna move at the mo.Regarding family its only mum mum n stepdad that we are close 2 and live near and they dote on the girls.Its such a hard descision,he plans to come out after the 4 years so will see how we feel in future.Nice 2 chat 2 u both xxx
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