Fathers day 2 weeks away eeek!

I've spotted these on ebay
and thought they're perfect for fathers day in just 2 weeks! I really need to get looking! Its so hard with a 2month old as well, gutted i missed mothers day image


  • ive just got esme an i love my grandad tshirt for when we go round to my dads on fathers day.
  • Fathers day is 3 weeks away - it's on 20th June this year...so you have an extra week!!!

    I went to Cafe Ceramica (Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands) and had Chloe's foot prints put on a mug with the words "the daddy" on the other side.

  • A mug with footprints on...how cute!

    I've had a keyring made for OH, its a copper tear-drop shaped tag with Sara's thumb print on it and a soppy inscription on the back. Can't wait to give it to him

  • Mybutler, did you get that done privately or by a company? Sounds lovely! I'm doing something similar to princessrachel. My aunt does pottery, and I've asked her to do something with dd's hand/footprints. I'd also like to get them in paint on paper, so he can have it turned into a tattoo... 3 weeks isn't far off!!x
  • ok...totally gatecrashing but I can help!!!!

    I have done these:

    I love my papa for a Belgian daddy


    Mixed heritage & unborn baby nickname vests


    check out www.idesignbaby.com or my FB group


    All made by me & I do them really reasonably too


    Good luck in your search even if my stuff doesn't tick your boxes x

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  • I had it done at the baby show over here (in Jersey) by a local company. I've googled it to find something similar but can't find anything in copper or the right shape but this is basically the same idea -


    It was ??30 for one or ??45 for two so I got one for me too...shhhh, OH doesn't know that bit! - yes I have given it to him already, we are so rubbish at suprises!!!

    Liz xxx
  • That's amazing! What a beautiful gift, bet he was delighted! Can't blame you for getting one for yourself too, thanks for the reply **goes off to google!** xx
  • honeyPops - check out www.notonthehighstreet.com

    I have seen the key rings on there! image
  • Thanks for the link **Cath**, I've just looked and the fingerprints one needed to be ordered by 25th May, gutted! Love the 'love you daddy' keyring though. Will keep searching xx
  • lol Jubilee! thats Austin's vest haha! and indeed it does say i love my papa in dutch! looks fab, can't wait for fathers day! OH will be chuffed to bits when he sees that cos obviously as far as he's aware its impossible to get anything in dutch in the uk so think he'll wonder how i managed it lol.
    i like princessrachels idea too, we have a pottery painting shop just round the corner so i may just do that! xx
  • honeypops - a few places I saw online they had to be done by 1st June to get them back in time. Failing that if you get them done locally, like we did, they were done in 48hrs, depending on where you live it might be worth a treck along the highstreet xxx
  • I made a photo book on Truprint with all photos of hubby and Lyvi together. Can't wait to see it!

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx
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