baby's toe nails

My ds is nearly 10months and i have never had to cut his toe nails. They have never grew since he was born.... I would have to trim his finger nails very 2/3 wks. I was just wondering is this normal or should i meation it to HV.


  • i think its normal...ds is 16months and i've only had to cut his toenails about 3 times, his fingernails however have to be done every 1-2weeks xx
  • I've noticed the same with my LO, now 6 months. Her fingernails grow so quickly I'm forever trying to keep them low (she hates me doing it and is very willful already!). But her toenails, I've only once pulled off her big toe nails, none of the others.
    Weird, but I wasn't worried about it, I guess my finer nails grow at a much faster rate than my toes?
  • same here. have to trim fingernails once a week at least (sometimes every 3 or 4 days!) but have never done her toenails (she's nearly 6 months) xx
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