Chicken pox

I am hoping somone can help....
My daughter is 3 and was diagnosed with chicken pox last Thursday. She is still coming out in the spots which take about a week to clear. I am 39+5 pregnant and have had a mild dose of chicken pox as a child and shingles as an adult. From what I have read on the internet that means that I am unlikely to get the virus myself.
My worry is about my baby...what would happen if my baby arrived in the next couple of days whilst my daughter is still contagious? Can I carry the virus whilst not getting it myself?
I'm also worried that if I go into labour, would I be putting other Mums and babies in the hospital at risk?
Help - I don't really want to ring the doctor on a Sunday but feel exhausted worrying about this.
Thanks xxxx


  • I don't know the answer but you could phone NHS direct they are there all the time so no there is worries about bothering them on a Sunday
  • Thanks for that advice, I hadn't thought of it!
  • Firstly if your daughter's spots have scabbed over then she is no longer contagious. Chicken pox is only dangerous to the baby in the 1st trimester as it can cause mc. If you have caught it though in your 3rd trimester then you lo can catch it in the womb and be born with it. I was pregnant when my daughter had chicken pox and my mum couldn't remember if I had had it or not so I had a blood test to check, maybe you can ask for one.

    Anyone with chicken pox is advised to stay away from pregnant women, so if there is a chance you may have it and not know it yet then they may quarenteen (sp?) you if you go into labour.

    Sorry I don't have any more advice for you, I'm sure you will be fine though if you have had it already.
  • i was told for the first 6 months after baby is born they have your immunity to chicken pox as my 3 year old was diagnosed with them when baby was 2 days old but they werent chiken pox at all lol saying all that my baby is 8 weeks today and has chicken pox!!!
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